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N.Y.C. Reservoir Fishing Information

Some of the finest fresh water trout, bass, and panfish fishing is available in the 21 New York City reservoir ( 15 locations in East of Hudson reservoirs located in Westchester and Putnam county and 6 West of Hudson reservoirs located in the Catskills). All you need to fish these reservoirs and connecting rivers is a New York State freshwater fishing license and a valid N.Y.C. public access permit.

The NYS fishing license can be obtained at your local town clerks office, some of the largest sporting good stores, or online ( A 5 year N.Y.C. access permit is available at no charge and can be obtained online at N.Y.C. website .

If you want to fish the reservoirs from a boat you are required to have an aluminum boat (minimum length of 11'6") and it must remain in a designated reservoir mooring area. It must be initially brought to a D.E.P. boat permit office for inspection, cleaning, and registration. There is no charge for a 4 year renewable permit. Stewart Marine sells, gets the boats permitted, and delivers most of the boats on local reservoirs. The majority of the boats on the N.Y.C. reservoirs originated from Stewart Marine.

The Mahopac DEP office opened on March 15th for the season.  They will be open Tuesday, Thursday and Friday only - 8am- 2:30pm. If you want to place a boat on the 15 East of Hudson reservoirs, you must call the DEP at 914-232-1309  and schedule a boat inspection appointment.  There are hundreds of people presently on the waiting list for Cross Rivers and Kensico and it is estimated that it will take 4-20 years to get on these reservoirs. The other 13 Westchester and Putnam County Reservoirs are open for new boats. We recommend that you call the DEP to schedule your appointment immediately to avoid any unnecessary delay.


I have a inventory of both new and reconditioned used 12'-14' reservoir boats. I will bring the boat to the DEP for permitting and cleaning then deliver to the reservoir at no charge.  All of the Westchester and Putnam county reservoirs can now be fished from a boat all year long providing there is no ice. 

Any boat ordered after the DEP closes on October 14 will be stored at no charge over the winter and will be delivered after April 1 when the DEP reopens for the season. Historically, most of the used boats I have in stock are sold by June 1st and I have very few used boat inventory in stock until late in the summer. Act now; don't wait until next year if your are in the market for a good used reservoir rowboat. Please call Jack Stewart on 845-277-3143. Call/Text Brendan Vreeland 914-534-1330


If you already have an aluminum boat on a reservoir or in your backyard not being used and you wish to sell it, upgrade it, trade it in, or relocate it to another reservoir, please call us. We move boats, buy used boats, and will give you a fair price on a trade-in or outright sale. Please call Jack Stewart on 845-277-3143. Call/Text Brendan Vreeland at 914-534-1330